Project1- Silica Sands

Located in - Irele 2 and Odigbo

Jimaj Energy Services is poised with the responsibility of establishing a sustainable project that will adopt internationally compliant standards towards boosting the production of silica sand.

Silica sand is very useful in several ways, which include amongst others the modern applicability in electric cars ,sand casting, glass making, food & pharmaceutical industries, proppant by oil & gas companies, functional filler for paints, plastics & rubber, water filtration & agriculture and industrial production of titanium & zirconium.

Silica sands is widely used in many large-scale applications related to abrasives, foundry materials, ceramics and cements. It is a common raw material used in glass making and ceramics. In glassmaking, alumina from improves product hardness, durability and resistance to chemical corrosion.